Heating and eating

How To Heat 

Your frozen pies are pre-baked and ready to be re-heated. You may choose to have them thawed in the fridge so they are ready for a quick 20 minute re-heat in the oven or you can do it from frozen. It's entirely up to you. We like to have them ready in the fridge because it's quick and easy and they might turn out better. 

From thawed: 20 minutes in the oven at 400˚ F (recommended)

From frozen: 35-40 minutes at 350˚ F

 *Safe food handling practice is to re-heat until internal temp of 165 is reached. 


How To Eat 

Our pies are intended to be eaten by hand like a sandwich. If we wanted to use utensils, we would have made one of those pot pies that are better suited for a bowl and a spoon. Our pies can be a great grab and go food when you are running out the door or you can dress it up with salad and it's an easy dinner party. Need to feed the kids and don't want to deal with cooking and dishes? Done. Someone recently shared a photo of cooking pies over the campfire with a dutch oven. There are endless ways to enjoy pies and we hope you will share your experiences with us as it's always fun to see and hear the stories. 

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