Two brothers sharing a love of meat pies


The most popular question we get is, how did you end up making meat pies? This is often immediately followed up with “Are you Australian?” Or “Are you from New Zealand?” because that is often where people experience their first meat pies.

While we are not Aussie or Kiwi, we did grow up on a different style of meat pie in Northern Michigan, called a pasty. So, you could say meat pies are part of our DNA. These early childhood experiences of eating tasty pastries while exploring the northern Michigan wilderness led us to discover the heartier pastry while traveling internationally, known as the “meat pie”.

Since our first introduction to the savory pies abroad, we longed for the perfect meal back here in the states. Furthermore, we wanted to share our experience by creating them for others to enjoy. So, we started making our own with the best organic ingredients that California provides.

It’s become somewhat of an obsession for us. We have tried all different shapes, styles of fillings, and crusts as we continue to chase the perfect pie to this day. We have customers from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Brazil, and Canada that have told us our pies bring them home. Many cultures around the world celebrate some form of individual handheld savory pies. Pies evolve as they are passed through generations and across boarders. Maybe you could say we are part of that. Who knows!

From the farmers to the bakers, there is a lot of love that has gone into these pies. That much we do know and we hope you love it as much as we do.


Caleb and Cody 



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