The meat pie is rooted in history. It’s one of the oldest prepared foods in the world dating back to the 15th century at least. Some historians suggest that there were meat pies as early as the Neolithic Period.

Our journey with meat pies started in Northern Michigan where Cornish miners introduced their version of the centuries-old meat pie, known as the pasty. Traditionally eaten for lunch; these meat pies were hearty enough to fill the grumbling bellies of iron miners and conveniently packed in a tin sack, still warm by lunchtime. 

We grew up on pasties while seeking adventure in the remote parts of Michigan that still carry on the tradition. Later on down the road, we discovered versions of the pasty in other parts of the world and our affinity for savory filled pastries continued to grow. We were always seeking out the best meat pies while visiting new places over the years and returning home to face the same problem. This easy handheld hearty food was hard to find. 

So, we took our love for the humble meat pie to the kitchen. Cooking and baking with pure, organic, nutrient-dense ingredients the way our ancestors did. We found ourselves covered in flour embarking on new recipes, sharing the experience of this hearty, handheld food with our friends and family.

Met with great response, we decided it was to test the waters and sell at farmers markets and now, thanks to all of our dedicated pie lovers, an even larger audience.  What started as two brothers in a home kitchen is now two brothers in a commercial kitchen. 

When we set out to sell our pies, it was without hesitation that we were going to sell the same quality that we made for our friends and family... better for you, better for the planet, better for all. 

Like the miners once depended on the humble meat pie for a nutritious and convenient lunch; we invite you to continue the tradition of this old world food with us as it best suits you in today's world. We hope it makes your life easier, healthier and more enjoyable. 

Caleb + Cody 
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