The meat pie, a quintessential early example of convenience food, traces its origins back to at least the 15th century. Initially, its pastry shell was more than just an edible vessel—it was a means to preserve and transport the savory fillings of meat and vegetables contained within. In many parts of the world, meat pies have become a staple, yet finding a quality pie made with organic ingredients and without the use of industrial seed oils proved challenging. Motivated by this gap, we embarked on a mission to create our own pies with a commitment to our organic values. This quest for pie perfection started in our own kitchen, dedicating a full year to the development and refinement of our recipes. We then took our pies to farmers markets and public events, gathering valuable feedback that helped refine our offerings. Our core philosophy centers around the continuous improvement of quality, leading us to go back in time to arrive at the oldest package food being prepared with ingredients that are farmed as close as possible to the way our ancestors did it. We are committed to using ingredients that are not only organic but also support regenerative farming practices whenever possible, aligning with our dedication to supporting a food system that nourishes all life. We hope that our nutrient dense and flavorful pies bring you joy and good health.

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The MacCready brothers
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